Barack Obama will be our next president

Well, the antichrist has arrived and he goes by the name of Barack. I don't know who voted for him, but I know it wasn't me. Ever since I heard (from a reliable source) he wants all bus governors to be set at 45 mph in order to save fuel, I thought this wasn't the president we need. Those trips after a Friday night football game are already long enough, and if he had really been a "man of the people," he would have known that. But that's not all I've heard. I've heard plenty and it scares me to death.

Did you hear he wants us drivers to actually smile at our riders and wish them a "Good morning," and then in the afternoon a "See you tomorrow" in order to improve their self esteem? I'm sorry, but what about MY self esteem. It does me good to yell at a student every now and then. All this smiling makes me nauseous.

Did you hear he wants us to all dress professionally? He wants us men drivers to wear a coat and tie! Is he crazy? Give a bus driver a tie and he might wrap it around some kid's neck who won't stop singing "Everybody Dance Now" in a high screechy voice.

Did you hear that if a long line of cars are stuck behind our school bus, he wants us to pull to the side and let them pass? Listen -- letting a long line of foreign-made cars pass around me is a concept they'll have to beat into me with a tire iron before I comply. I'm a school bus driver. I own the road!

One of these days, we'll elect a president that used to be a school bus driver. Until then, we'll just have to remember what we've learned as drivers -- that sooner or later, all routes come to an end.


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