Where does all this trash come from?

Do you remember "Pigpen," the character in the Peanuts comic strip that walks around in a cloud of dirt? Well, HE RIDES MY BUS!! I swear it! I'd recognize that little dirt cloud anywhere, and so would you! Of course, I can't figure out which one of my riders actually IS Pigpen because he's riding incognito (I'm sure after all those years of living in the public eye he just wants to live a simple life, like you and me), but I know he rides my bus. I just KNOW it!

In fact, I think his cousins ride the bus, too, but I'm not sure which ones they are, either.

Now, I can't say my bus is the cleanest in the fleet. I try to get my riders to throw things away in the trashcan, to not eat on the bus, to leave everything in their backpacks -- but they're kids, and it's better if I worry about that 18-wheeler coming my way instead of whether or not Little Johnny is dumping his backpack all over the floor. But when I DO sweep up their mess (which I hate to do worse than anything), it's messy again by the end of the next day! Why? It's Pigpen!

One day I'm going to find him. And when I do, I'm going to ask for his autograph, ask what it was like to work with such great characters as Charlie Brown and Snoopy, and ask that he clean up my bus or find some other way to get to school!

Me -- a bus driver for the Stars! Who would have thunk it?


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