June Bug season is always open

A windshield is nothing more than a huge June bug annihilator, and if it wasn't for school buses, those little varmints would take over the planet and that would be just down right creepy.

Just for fun (and to make sure I'm doing my share in thinning the June bug herd so they'll never rise up en masse to take over our world) I decided to see how many June bugs splatter on my windshield in a week's time, and how long I could drive without cleaning any of them off. Not only that, but I wanted to see who would notice my disgusting windshield first -- students, a teacher, or Eduardo our transportation guy.

On Monday, I started off my first route of the week with a clean windshield. By the time I got back to school, there were 73 bug splatters, but not near enough to restrict my vision. I calculated that by Friday, I would have more than 730 bug splats and have only an inch of clean windshield to see through. But, my fact-finding mission came to abrupt halt.

Even though my windshield was nasty in bug guts, not a single student -- or Eduardo -- mentioned it. But, the school secretary just happened to walk in front of my bus, took one look at my windshield and almost barfed up her eggs and bacon.

School secretaries are important. They help you when nobody else will. It's in your best interest to make them happy. If they dislike you, you might as well start looking for a new job. So, I cleaned my windshield muy pronto and decided counting bug guts wasn't worth the price I'd have to pay.

Oh well, it seemed like a good idea at the time.


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