Staying in shape over the summer

Most people don't realize this, but to be a great school bus driver during the school year, you have to stay in shape during the summer. And that's exactly what I'm doing.

One of the hardest things about driving a school bus is staying seated for extended periods of time. That's why during summer breaks I stay on the couch as much as possible. I would hate for the new school year to begin and have my "sitter" be out of shape.

Next, whether you open the school bus door by pulling a lever or pushing a button, it's very important to keep those muscles well tuned. So, while I'm sitting on the couch, I use my door-opening arm to search for the TV remote control and change channels in between commercials. Professionals like me do whatever it takes to accomplish the mission.

School bus drivers have to be masters at multi-tasking. I practice my multi-tasking skills by balancing a drink on my lap while I'm sitting on the couch watching television, holding a plate of fried chicken in one hand and the remote in the other, while trying to scan the TV guide for what might be good to watch. In other words, to juggle, you have to practice.

Finally, a great bus driver is able to tune out all distractions in order to get the job done in a safe manner. That's why a take great pains in sitting on the couch, juggling food, remote and TV guide, while at the same time ignoring my wife who is screaming for me to get my "lazy butt off the couch and go mow the yard."

Yes, being a school bus driver is very demanding, but a demanding summer vacation workout can keep you in tip-top shape and ready for the new year!

Have a great summer!


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