Hey cows -- Mooooooove it!

It used to be when I came to the cow pasture on my route, the cows would mosey on along, get out of the road, head to their hay, or go wherever cows go and do whatever cows do.

But something's changed.

The last few mornings, after I've crossed the first set of cattle guards, I find the cows in the middle of the road, just plopped down as if the road was theirs, and they give me these nasty looks as if they're saying, "What? You expect me to move now that I've gotten all comfortable? Go around!"

I've actually had to honk at them to get them moving, and they get up, but I know what they're thinking. They're thinking, "Listen, bud, they're more of us than you, and we could take you, but you're yellow and that's worse than being a cow!"

I swear I saw a cow roll its eyes at me and look at me in disgust.

And their revenge? They leave great plopping "deposits" all over the road, and I have to drive through them, and those "deposits" have a way of compounding with interest, until I'm more interested in putting a side of beef on the hood to take home to the freezer instead of being a nice little bus driver and honking the horn until they move.

But, I guess the riders would blab about how, "He just mowed one down and tied it on the hood, and that's why we're all late for school. Honest. We wouldn't lie about something like THAT!"

Oh well, nobody said life would be fair!


Heather said...

I just think it is too funny that you drive through a cow pasture on your route. Crazy cows. Send some beef my way if you do 'get' one. :)

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