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I really enjoy posting bus-related stories on, but that's not the only thing I'm up to in all my abundant amount of "spare time!" I write a weekly column that appears in a daily newspaper and a couple of websites, I cruise around on Facebook and do the Twitter-Bug every so often, I record a Podcast every week called The Bathrobe Monologues, and when I feel adventurous, I shoot a YouTube video thus insuring that everybody knows I'm a total idiot with a video camera!

Whew! And if that wasn't enough, I put out a weekly Stinky Creek Newsletter every Sunday just to keep people informed with all the crazy stuff I do.

Hey! Would you like to subscribe? All you have to do is go to my website and sign up for my FREE Newsletter!

Not only does The "Stinky Creek Newsletter" feature my weekly column, but it is full of useless tidbits, knickknacks and thingamabobs that have no visible purpose, but survive anyway because they're meant to. They won't really help you win the lottery or become a millionaire, but they may help you put off mowing the yard for an hour or two.

Yes, the Newsletter is Free -- free of advertisements, free of viruses, free of links that take you to dubious websites, and free from ever having your email address sold to nefarious organizations whose sole purpose is to take over the entire planet.

So sign up today! Procrastination in small chunks is a good thing!


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