How pathetic!

There I was, travelling down a two-lane highway, early in the morning, heavy fog everywhere -- and my bus conks out on me! But that's not the pathetic part.

So, I pulled the bus over onto the grass (no shoulder on THIS highway, no sirree!) tried to restart it (that was pretty useless), and I was calling Eduardo the bus guy for help, when a police officer pulled up behind me! But that's not the pathetic part.

Mr. Police Officer was very nice, he was just checking to make sure everything was okay, and then he was on his way. It took Eduardo 15 minutes to bring a new bus, and all that time 18-wheelers were whizzing past (no, they weren't peeing), and I just KNEW one of them was going to "take me out" (which is American for "bust me up good.") But that's not the pathetic part, either.

As I was sitting in the bus waiting for Eduardo, I realized that I needed to put out my DOT Emergency Triangles to warn on-coming traffic that I was disabled (not me,
silly -- the bus) and since I've never had to put triangles out before, that meant I was about to do something NEW and out of the NORMAL ROUTINE of EVERYDAY BUS DRIVING!


So I jumped out of my seat, put those suckers together lickety-split (which means "muy pronto"), and set them out on the road. AND THIS IS THE PATHETIC PART: I felt like I had just had Christmas, opened up all my presents, and got exactly what I wanted!

Pretty pathetic, isn't it? I think I need to get out more!


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