What a putz!

Oh, I hate myself!

There I was, in front of her house, her door standing wide open to let me know she was riding -- but she was nowhere to be seen. So, I honked my horn, and when I figured that I'd waited long enough, I started to drive away.

Good drivers have the ability to drive away and not look back. It's sort of like when a cute little bunny rabbit jumps out from the bushes right in front of the bus, and you don't even think twice about swerving to miss it. You block out the riders' screams yelling at you not to hit the little bugger, and you keep driving on knowing full well the bunny will jump out of the way -- or not!

But when I heard the other riders yelling that she was coming out the door, I did the only thing I could do -- I stopped. And then I backed up. And then I opened the door to let her in. I think I even said, "Good morning."

Oh, I hate myself.

And I stop for rabbits, too.


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