A new year, a new plan!

Time to start getting in gear, time to start moving my bones, time to wake up a little bit early before Monday morning comes and I have to, but I can't, because I spent all Christmas break being a lazy goose, and now it's time to pay the price.

School Bus
Four more days and a wakeup call, and it's back to driving Bus No. 6!

But this year, this 2010, I'm going to try some new things to make bus time more enjoyable for my riders. And the No. 1 thing on my list is to say "Good Morning" to everyone who gets on my bus. They may be grumpy, they may still be asleep, they may have just gotten fussed at by their parents for waking up late and not having time to brush their teeth before going to school -- but I'M going to say "Good Morning" anyways. It may not change the world, but then again, it might.

I'm usually a stickler for my riders doing "the right thing" (staying out of the aisle, facing forward, etc.) But I've been thinking lately, are those things really worth fussing about? Probably not. So this year, I'm only going to fuss at those riders who really "deserve" it. As long as they're not killing each other, thowing people out the window, throwing objects inside in the bus, getting up and walking around, or singing Jingle Bells over and over again until my brain can't take it anymore, then I'm going to leave them alone. Or at least I'll give it a try.

Those are just two of the ideas I have for this next year. I'd tell ya more, but a couple of my riders read this blog and I would hate to give away all my secrets! ;-)

Anyways, what are YOU going to do different during 2010?


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