It was a might bit chilly this morning!

Boy, was it a cold day to be driving a school bus! 15 degrees I do believe -- and that was INSIDE the bus! Good thing I had my heater on -- full blast -- to make me THINK I was warm. Without it, I believe my toes would have turned black and --

Hold it. Let me back this story up for a moment...

I'm usually not a complainer about cold weather. I'd rather put on a jacket than a swimsuit any day! For the past five years I've ridden my motorcycle throughout the winter months. I know how to put on layers, bundle up, and think happy thoughts to keep my extremities from breaking off. But when your bus heater is blowing full steam ahead, and the only thing coming out of those little vents is Arctic air -- well, my friend, it gets butt cold, let me tell ya!

After an hour of driving, I was still seeing smoke (my breath) coming out of my mouth, my fingers were afire with cold, icy pain (even through thick riding gloves), and my toes? They were just blocks of ice. I got off the bus, hobbled to the building, and didn't get up for about an hour. Okay, I did get up -- to get two tall cups of coffee!

But, I will say this -- that heater was blowing for all it was worth. Unfortunately, it wasn't worth spit!


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