A bus can't stop on a time, but it can on a Lexus

Okay, so it was starting to rain, but that didn't cause the problem.

Yes, the light was Green as I headed into the intersection.

No, nobody was injured, but it was a bit of a scary ride.

Holy Cow, we ALL had a day today!

The next time you're ever in an accident with another car, I recommend that you be driving a school bus at the time. A honking big yellow school bus. And this is my story:

I was fully loaded with all my little (and big) riders, heading north back to the school, when I entered an intersection on a Green Light. At the same time, a cute little four-door Lexus was in the oncoming turning lane, heading south, and made the left-hand turn right in front of my bus.

Needless to say, the bus was scratched and dented just a little, but the Lexus was SMASHED!

All the kids were fine, the other driver was fine, and all is well with the world.

Except, I later learned that the man who was driving the Lexus, his WIFE'S Lexus, was on his way to purchase new tires for the car.

I guess he can cross THAT off of his list of things to do for awhile.


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