Bus No. 6 is back in action

That's right! After five months in the shop, Bus No. 6 is back hauling kids on the back roads, and I couldn't be happier!

No, Bus No. 6 isn't the prettiest bus in the fleet. Nor is it the fastest. And it's certainly not the quietest. But Bus No. 6 and I have history. Lots of history.

Remember the times the kids barfed in the back and I had to clean it all up? No? Well, I do.

Remember those cows that dropped turds right in front of the bus just because they could? You would if you had to smell it every day -- and they're still doing it.

Remember that hay tractor that slammed into the front and put us out of action for several months? Aha! I KNEW you'd remember that one.

And who could forget the Lexus that caused this last little bit of shop time?

I know I haven't written much lately about the goings on of this route, but -- and this is going to sound silly -- without Bus No. 6, I really haven't felt like writing much.

But now that it's back -- now that me and my buddy are back in the saddle again -- who knows what will happen.

Stay tuned!


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