I'm just a School Bus Cowboy

I've recently "discovered" Lyle Lovett. Bought two of his albums, hum his songs as I drive around town, and have even been inspired to write a song or two in his style.

"I'm Just an Old Guy" is the product of all that inspiration.

I’m just an old guy, nothing new.
I like the old ways, the old songs, and old pickups, too.
I like a woman who grew up watching Lucy and Rick.
I’m just an old guy.

Don’t you see that bouncy blonde
standing over by the bar
in her stilettos, and a skirt so tight
you’d think it was illegal,
sipping on a cocktail
and laughing with her friends?
She’s too young for me,
No, that ain’t what I need.

You can read the rest of this poem/lyric tribute for Lyle Lovett at www.schoobuscowboy.com. It's my new home, and I'm loving it.

See ya' soon.


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