Where did all these kids come from?

Holy cow! I came back from a wonderful summer of doing absolutely nothing, got on my bus first thing Monday morning and it didn't start. Eduardo, the bus mechanic guy, showed me how to hit something in the engine to make it start, and so now I've got to "hit it just right" to make it start for the rest of the year. Holy cow! I feel like Fonzy when he used to hit the juke box "just right" to make it play. All I need now is a leather jacket and a comb (but I don't need the comb 'cause I don't have much hair left, so what's the use of being a bus-driving Fonzy?)

Finally, when we got the bus started, Eduardo informed me my route is going to be longer because I'm picking up more kids this year. Where did all these kids come from? And why did they move to MY route? Don't they know I'm the meanest, orneriest, smelliest bus driver on the planet? And if they give me any lip, I'll give it right back with mustache included?

Needless to say, this past week went fine. It was hot, Little Johnny in the back kept his pants up, and I didn't have to give my lip to anyone. I guess I could say I can't wait until next week -- but I can, so I won't.


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