Don't blame me for a stinky bus

I pulled up to the school on Friday and Eduardo, the bus maintenance guy, said, "You need to wash your bus -- it stinks!" At least I think that's what he said. I couldn't quite hear him because I had 45 screaming kids yelling something about the bus being stinky, but I wasn't paying attention to them because I was trying to hear Eduardo.

Well of course my bus stinks. If you had a bus full of 45 little kids, trying to drive them home in the afternoon with the temperatures reaching 95, and not a one of them knowing what deodorant is, and at the same time driving through a cow pasture where 100 cows decide to stand in the road to do their business, you'd have a stinky bus, too.

What's sad is I've gotten so used to it, I don't even smell a thing.


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