Let's go muddin'

Oh yeah, baby! There's nothing quite like going muddin' in a bus. Of course, I don't partake of the fun every day, but if the opportunity arises, I don't mind taking advantage of it and letting the devil take the hindmost. Of course, then I have to come up with an explanation of why there's so much mud on and IN the bus, but that's a small price to pay for the fun of it!

So, I was coming around a corner, with a full load on my bus, when I saw a dead tree lying across the road. Couldn't go over it, couldn't go under it -- had to go around it, even if it meant letting a little mud fly. Of course, going "cross country" gave the riders something to talk about all day. And when they were all on the bus in the afternoon, that's what they were still talking about -- and that's what they wanted to do again!

Nothing wrong with a little muddin'! Getting stuck isn't so great, but muddin' is!


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