Getting a school bus education

I don't understand why kids complain about riding the bus. They get to see so many things and learn so many valuable lessons while riding that I would think they'd be begging to take the bus to school and back.

For instance: Just the other day as we were passing by the dairy farm, we got to see a dead cow in the middle of the pasture, being devoured by vultures. We're not talking about "Jungle Book" vultures that sing and talk with fake British accents, nosirree! We're talking about real, live, rip-the-beast-apart-until-it's-just-bones vultures that are almost as big as 747s. Yep, non-riders won't see that stuck in a classroom!

And then there was the time a wild horse broke out of its pen and we got to see a real rodeo roundup. And while we were waiting, we got to see some cows engaging in "cow love." If that's not an education in and of itself, I don't know what is.

One of my first stops is at a house where the father meets his little girls out in the front yard -- without a shirt on. Now, if he had abs like a body builder, it wouldn't be so bad (well, it would be for me because I don't get a thrill out of seeing male abs), but he doesn't. He has a body like Drew Carey. And what do my young riders learn from seeing this beer-gut extrovert? They learn that they better get to the gym and watch what they eat. Sometimes, seeing the results of bad habits is a stronger learning tool than just hearing a lecture about it.

Yep, the school bus is just one more part of the process we call education. So, put you're kids on the bus -- you'll be surprised what they tell you when they get home.


Heather said...

This is so funny and yet true. We get to see alot of pig lovin' on my route. Never a vulture attack yet though.

Tracy Farr said...

Yep, you haven't lived until you see vultures ripping apart a carcass -- although, I don't how a dead cow can be "eaten alive by vultures." I guess I better change that part! :-)

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