School Bus Philosophy

Every morning after I've cranked up Bus No. 6, I relax behind that big bus steering wheel, listen to the engine warm up, and contemplate the meaning of life and my place in the universe. I haven't made many discoveries yet, but I keep at it.

I bet most bus drivers are closet philosophers and can tell you more about life and living than Oprah. For instance, just the other day I realized that after a person has driven a bus for more than five years, that person starts to look and act just like their bus.

Need proof? Well, here ya go: The gentleman who drives Bus No. 54 talks a big game but that's what it always is -- just talk. His bus has a great heater, but all the heat stays up front.

Ready for more? The lady who drives Bus No. 33 always wears too much makeup. Her bus is spotless -- but underneath, it's still just a bus.

How about this: Bus No. 41 has a bunch of get-up-and-go, but once it reaches cruising speed, you'd get to wherever you're going faster if you just got out and walked. The gentleman who drives the bus is exactly the same -- great on ideas, but terrible at getting it done.

And finally: I drive Bus No. 6. It rattles a lot, makes a lot of noise, but it's nothing really worth listening to. Need I say more?


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