Why am I up so early?

This is sad. I'm well into my second week of Summer Vacation, it's a little after 5 in the morning, and I can't believe I'm awake and thinking I've got to be somewhere or go do something.

You would think that a school bus driver would soak up his Summer Vacation, taking every advantage to sleep until 9, or maybe even 10, because there's no route, no kids to pick up, no windows to shut, no trash to sweep up -- BUT NO! I haven't slept late YET, and I'm still thinking there's something I need to be doing.

Am I doomed to live the rest of my life always waking at 5, not being able to sleep a little later because I have yellow blood in my veins? Is it possible I'll one day be on my deathbed, screaming that If I die and miss my route, my boss will kill me? And if there are school buses in Heaven, do I really have to go? Oh, the weary life of a school bus driver.

And I STILL feel there's something I forgot to do. I wonder...

Oh yeah! I need to take out the trash before the Trash Man Cometh!

Adios, Amigos!


Heather said...

I am so glad I haven't had this problem! The first day I did get up at 6:30 (which is 10 mins after my leave time) and felt a wave of panic go over me. But other than that I'm sleeping in until my kids wake me up. :)

Tracy Farr said...

Grrr! Must be nice! I even go to bed late (12:30, 1 a.m.) and I STILL wake up around 5. I'm doomed!

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