It's like falling off a log

I thought I'd certainly forget my route after having a long summer break...forget my route, who to pick up, at what time, as well as when, where, why and how. But getting back into that school bus' driver's seat is a lot like riding a bike -- except the school bus is a little bit bigger and a lot more yellow-ish.

Yep! I cranked up my engine, put the transmission into gear, and that bus practically drove itself around the route. If I'd had a bit more nerve and less kids, I'd probably taken a nap.

Unfortunately, not only did the route come back to my mind, but so did the memories of sweaty kids, dusty roads, cow poop on the tires, June bugs squashed on the windshield, mad parents, happy parents, dogs in the road, vomit in the seats, kids with wet pants, kids pulling down their pants, my sweat-stained pants and shirt sticking to my body like duct tape -- and those are just the GOOD memories!

Oh well. Another year steps up to the plate. I just hope I can hit another home run!


Heather said...

Oh no, vomit. I'm am not looking forward to getting back to that.

Anonymous said...

Hi mr busdriver ,
i absolutely love your weblog ,keep it up.It's also being read overseas :)
I kinda feel sorry for you cause you now have 2 nephews en 2 nieces of my on your bus and one of my nieces likes to sing ;)

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