Something's just not right!

I had to have a talk with Eduardo the Bus Guy the other day about the students on my bus. And we both agreed something's just not right. It's wrong. It's unnatural. And sometimes it's just plain spooky.

My riders give me no trouble at all. Absolutely NO TROUBLE. Okay, yes, sometimes I have to tell little Emily not to sing so loud; okay, yes, I have to tell my two Ewok brothers to put their pencils in their backpacks. Okay, yes, when it comes to trash, the younger riders don't know the difference between the floor and the trashcan. But other than that, nada trouble.

I told three riders (brothers and a sister) that I'm not going to drive right up to their house like I used to. They'd have to walk about 75 yards to their driveway, but it saves me from having to back up back to the road -- they said, "No problem."

I told another rider he had to drink his Coke before he got on the bus. He said, "No problem," and downed it.

I told all my riders they would have assigned seats this year (even though they weren't in trouble) and there's been absolutely no problem...except for Little Emily's brother. He said, "I don't want to sit in seat No. 17." I said, "Okay, come up front in sit in seat No. 1." And he said, "No, 17's okay."

In other words, my riders are boring. No fights, no paper throwing, no cussing (that I can hear), no pulling down someone else's pants, and nobody's puked up their Cheerios yet.

Wait a minute. We've only been back to school a week. We still have 35 more weeks for something "exciting" to happen.

I'll keep you updated!


The Bus Driver said...

its been a pretty calm school year start here too... though this week i think the honeymoon period was over... there were 2 fights on 2 different buses, and cops were called for both.. and we got our usual troublemakers who have "woken up" out of their summer slumber.

it didnt help that the last 5 days have been non stop rain.

shortbuschronicles said...

You are blessed! I have had challenges from day one and my writing hand is getting much exercise from writing these kids up.

Hope it lasts!


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