Podcasting 101

So, when I get back to school, and when all the teachers and students and cafeteria ladies (love those cafeteria ladies), when they ask me how I spent my summer this is what I'm going to tell them -- I learned how to Podcast.

And don't you sit there thinking that some ol' bus driver can't learn a new trick or two, or three, because I can, and you can, too, but I did indeed learn how to podcast.

I might be creating some episodes (that's what they're called, don'tcha know) about Bus No. 6, but for right now, I've started a show that's called "The Bathrobe Monologues." It's just me, sitting around in my bathrobe, expounding on subjects that I probably have no right to expound on, but I do it anyways.

"The Bathrobe Monologues" is located at http://thebathrobemonologues.podbean.com/ and I hope you enjoy them. There's not much there right now, but there will be.

So, adios for now, and safe driving!


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