You've Got To Have a Plan

Saturday is a day for work, but if you don’t have a plan, you might as well stay on the couch!

The Bathrobe Monologues


Anonymous said...

Hello Tracy...
I am the Director of Transportation for the Tuscaloosa Alabama City Schools.

I am really enjoying reading your blog, and have made copies I am going to share with my drivers on Friday at our inservice.

My favorites to date include the Pickle, The Drivers prayer..for snow days, and the serious "Zone of Indecision."

Most of our fleet are also "snub nose" International 72 passenger buses but being a city system, we don't see a lot of cows.

BTW..I also have a Bus #06...and she also has a very unique routes. She picks up children who live on the University of Alabama Campus, and most are foreign students. On her bus you may hear Chinese, Russian, Spainish, Italian, and Czechoslovakian. I showed her the pic of your cows, and she said they might be easier to talk to.

Keep on rolling..

Jimmy M. Boone

Tracy Farr said...

Thanks Mr. Boone for the kind words. The cows may be easier to talk to, but you run through a pile of what they're depositing on that road and your bus stinks for a week! And it's funny how none of my country kids seem to notice! ;-)

Thanks again!


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