Break's over!

Getting your mind back in "bus driver mode" after a break, even a short one, can sometimes be a lengthy process. You stumble to the bus, crank her up, watch the needles, check the lights, try to determine if any wild animal spent the night in the back seat and maybe even left a litter, and then head out. But there IS a quicker way:

What you need is a slap in the face, a jolt of lighting, something that will wake you up to the very core and make you appreciate your family, your pet goats, and maybe even your crazy uncle who once threw you in a river with your good coat on just to see if you could float.

Yes, I'm talking about a cold, plastic driver's seat.

A cold, plastic driver's seat is a shocker, a waker-upper, a reminder that there is good in this world, but this is not it. And no amount of layers on your backside can stop the influence it has on your demeanor.

Bus No. 6 has a warm, leather, fabric-covered seat, that doesn't stand up and kick you in your butt. But Bus No. 6 is in the shop at the moment. I pray for it's speedy return -- and so does my posterior!


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