You learn something new, each and every day!

Well, I got Bus No. 6 back this week (it's been in the shop), and was happy to bid adieu to Bus No. 22. But, you learn something new each and every day, and this week has been no exception.

When your bus seat is made out of vinyl/plastic, it gets mighty cold in the winter. Sitting on it is like sitting on a bag of ice. In fact, ICE would get cold if it had to sit on a vinyl/plastic bus seat. So, what do you do? Do you sit on it gingerly, one cheek at a time, something akin to sticking your toe into the water just to test it out? Or do you suck it up, brace for impact, and plop your butt in the seat all at once, like diving into the deep end, head first?

For me, I brace for impact and suck it up! The pain's over in a few seconds, and then you're on your way and have completely forgotten about it -- until the next morning!

So, what do YOU do? Test the waters one cheek at a time? Or jump in, butt first?


The Bus Driver said...

I plop my seat in many different seats, some fabric, some cold vinyl. Most of the time on cold days, the buses at the bus yard are already started so they've already had time to warm up. (in theory)

If you have a bus at home, its your responsibility to warm the bus up. Even still, sometimes the seats are ice cold, and the defroster blowers aren't working or worse, are blowing COLD air.

Some buses require being in motion before the defroster blowers and heaters will begin blowing hot air, otherwise, you're left sitting in a darned chilly bus.

I despise really really cold mornings when even the best newer buses have not had enough time to warm up and you end up shivering for the first 30 minutes of your route before the heater kicks in. Or the mornings where you have to grab a cold spare that was not started and running idle for 45 minutes.

Tracy Farr said...

Someone starts your bus for you? So, does your district have any job openings? ;-)

The Bus Driver said...

they only start the bus if you leave your bus at the bus yard. they do it only as a courtesy and when it gets really really cold.

Yes we have openings!

Heather said...

I jump in butt first, but I have a cloth seat. My bus is kept at the school (the subdivision I live in won't allow me to park the bus at my house) and while it warms up I sit my butt in my warm vehicle. So needless to say my butt is never cold. :)

Apple said...

It's been a very long time since I've had a vinyl seat. I don't think we have one left in the fleet. My cloth seat is cold enough. Flannel lined jeans help. Suck it up and plop!

Nobody starts our buses for us unless it gets to about 15 below and then it depends on if they get to yours before they have to work on one that wouldn't start. We can idle for our pretrip + 5 minutes so every morning is a cold start.

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