No Walking Allowed

I got fussed at the other day for walking!

Okay, I'll admit, I'm exaggerating a bit. What actually happened was a nice gentleman offered me a ride from the bus lot back to the building, but I said I preferred walking. I mean, it's not that far, and after spending an hour cramped up in the "cockpit," I prefer giving my legs a stretch.

Anyways, the gentleman asked if I needed a ride, I graciously refused -- and then HE said, "Whatever. "

Whatever? Do you know what "whatever" means? It means, "Okay, I'll let you walk if you really want to, but I have a warm car, it's cold outside, and I think you're crazy!"

Well, I don't mind being a little crazy. My legs don't mind me being a little crazy. My heart, my lungs, my cholesterol level, my waistline and my demeanor don't mind me being a little crazy. So, crazy I'll be. But thanks for asking!


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