Bus 6 to 22, back to 6, and then 24, and hopefully, back to 6!

Okay, so Bus No. 6 was down and out and I had to drive Bus 22 for awhile. No problem, but it had this weird clanging noise coming from the engine compartment. Didn't bother ME, but everybody was asking, "What's wrong with No. 22?" and Eduardo the Transportation Guy told them, "Farr's driving it."

Ha, ha, ha and funny, funny, now let's move on.

Got Bus No. 6 back yesterday and found out No. 22's water something or other went out (pump? I don't know), but luckily I was no longer driving it. (It wasn't my fault, honest!)

Well, it was a cold morning this morning, I got to Bus No. 6 with just minutes to spare -- and it wouldn't start. So, I had to take the infamous, Bus No. 24.

It's called Bus No. 24 because that's its top speed -- 24. And since I had NO idea how to turn on the heater, that was the temperature inside for the whole one-hour route -- 24!

Please, can someone make Christmas break come a little quicker?


The Bus Driver said...

we have a bus like that.. its bus 17.... yep.. bus 17

Apple said...

Do the mechanics not like you and turned off the heat from the engine compartment? It was so cold here this week that it felt like 24 with the heaters all working!

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