Results of the "Grande Experiment"

I did it. For one week I welcomed everybody on the bus with a "Good Morning." Most replied back with their own good mornings, some didn't, and here's what I learned from the whole experience:

I hate being happy in the morning!

Okay, hate is such a strong word. How about "I ain't in a talking mood until I've had my orange juice, and all that 'good' and 'morning' stuff just reminds me that if some old dude were to constantly say 'good morning' to ME every morning, I might get used to it, but I'd much prefer to be left alone, in my own little world, and not come out until I have PROOF that the morning is, indeed, a good one!"

But...there were some funny moments during the week. Like the one girl who turned around after I'd said "good morning," thinking she was in trouble.

And the one boy who refused to say "good morning" back to me, and probably wouldn't if I paid him, but I kept saying it each day, just a little bit louder.

And then there's the boy who reads this blog and was actually surprised that I'd do what I wrote about. He said "good morning" back to me every day, and he'd better, because I'll put you in an assigned seat if you don't! ;-)

Oh well, don't know if I'll continue this for another week. I think I'll just wait and see how many kids say "hello" to me first, and then we'll go from there.

Have a great week!


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