There's nothing like saying hello to an old friend

(28 Sept 2008) -- Bus 6 has been in the shop for about two weeks. It was down with a bad case of starter-itis, which meant I had to drive Bus 23 for awhile. Now, that may not mean anything to you (a bus is a bus, right?), but to me, life just isn't the same without Bus 6. It's an old friend, and I'm glad it's out of intensive care.

I try to tell people that buses have there own unique personality. Some you like, some you don't. Some buses are a bit quirky, which I don't mind, but some are just plain mean and nasty. I had to drive Bus 24 and it was the mean and nasty type. It didn't want you pressing on the brake too hard, and when you did, they locked up in protest. Eduardo, the bus maintenance guy, took him behind the shed and that's the last I saw of that bus. That's when I got Bus 23.

Bus 23 isn't a "bad" bus, it's just not Bus 6. I didn't feel right in the seat, I couldn't get use to the automatic door opener, I don't think I ever found the defrost, and the gas gauge was all whopper-jawed (it showed empty all the time when there was fuel still left in it).

Anyways, Bus 6 is all better now, and we're going through the process of getting reacquainted. Better days are yet to come, and I'm one happy camper again -- and so is Bus 6. I can tell.


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