The Bus No. 6 "Eagle Eye" Movie Review

When you've driven a bus for as long as I have, there are days you just feel like yelling and screaming and kicking some kid off the bus in the middle of nowhere, and you really don't care if you get fired because it would be worth it. THOSE are the days it's best to just go watch a movie. So, I took the day off and saw "Eagle Eye."

There's nothing like seeing a suspenseful, action-packed story in the middle of the day, especially when there are only six people in the theater. But I must say I was a little disappointed with the movie. Why, do you ask? Because it turned out to be a chick flick.

Yes, there was plenty to keep you on the edge of your seat like car chases, missile launches, spy satellites, military hardware, and people dying right and left. But in the end, it was a chick flick.
In summary: boy meets girl, they don't hit it off at first but they get to know each other, they get chased, a lot of cars crash, a lot of people die, they grow closer, they band together to stop an evil entity from taking over the world, and it ends with a kiss. Yessirree! In my book, that's a chick flick. But I must say, the popcorn was good and I didn't hear one screaming kid.


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