A formal apology to my young riders

Dear riders: As you probably noticed, I was driving a little bit faster Friday afternoon than I usually do. It's not unusual for you to feel the bumps and potholes along our route, but I'm sure you knew something was going on when I hit that cattle guard at full speed. And Little Johnny, I sorely apologize to you for bumping you right over the back of Seat No. 20, into Seat No. 22.

Well, the whole problem started when I had a huge glass of sweet tea at about 2:45 p.m. It was so good, I had another. And, well, to be blunt about the whole thing, 15 minutes into the route I really needed to pee. And I mean I was pretty desperate.

I thought about stopping at Little Suzie's house and begging her parents to let me use their bathroom, but I'm really not supposed to leave the bus with you kids on board. And then I thought I could stop the bus, pop the hood and pretend to check the engine while really taking care of "business," but with my luck somebody's parents would drive by just at that time, and then I'd REALLY be in a load of trouble.

So, in the end, I did the only thing I could do -- drive a bit faster and hope my bladder wouldn't explode. And believe me kids, if you think every bump was bad for you, it was doubly bad for me.

Just in case you're wondering, I made it back to the school without wetting my pants, and I've learned my lesson to always "go" before I go.


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