All rested up and ready to Rock 'n Roll!

Two weeks at home can really drive a guy like me bonkers. Get up, sit around, get the mail, go to in-law's, come back home and watch some TV, fall sleep on the couch, get up and start it all over again, and wonder how I'm ever going to survive retirement. It drives a guy bonkers so much so that ANYTHING, even work, is a welcomed escape. So now, with my bones (and buns) thoroughly rested, I'm ready to hop into the big chair, turn that key, and get to rollin', rollin', rollin', keep those dawgies rollin', rawhide!

And I know just how I'm going to start off this new year. Assigned Seats! No more of this "she won't give me my marker back," and "He's sitting too close to me," and "she's eating something and she's not supposed to," and "when are we going to get home because I really have to pee!" Nope, I'm giving everybody an assigned seat -- away from their friends and people they bug -- and I'm going to tell them that if I hear just one word from them -- just ONE WORD -- I'm gonna, I'm gonna...and I will, too.


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