Here kitty, kitty, kitty

For all of you new drivers (and old drivers who don't think about these things but should because it could happen to you), you should have a checklist of things to do before you walk away from your bus in the evening. Things like set the brake, turn off the lights, make sure all the students are off the bus before you start cussing. But that's not all. You should never forget to completely close the bus door after each and every route. And this is why -- CATS!

Some time ago, I got on my bus for my morning route and noticed something dark in my seat. I hadn't driven the afternoon before, so I thought the sub driver had placed in my chair an article of kid's clothing that he had found on the bus. To my surprise, the "article of clothing" MOVED. I quickly turned on my dome lights to find three newborn kittens in my seat. IN MY SEAT!! I gave them to a cafeteria lady and have no idea what she did with them (yeah, right!), but I learned my lesson to always shut my door completely at the end of the day -- that is, until I forgot this past week and left my door barely cracked open.

And what did I find on my bus this time? I wasn't sure at first because it was early in the morning and dark, but when I went to pick it up, it kindof broke apart between my fingers (luckily I had gloves on). I quickly turned on my dome light and found -- CAT BARF!! That's right, I said CAT BARF!! But at least it wasn't in my seat this time.

So take it from me -- get off the bus and then CLOSE THE DOOR! And DON'T forget!


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