Here we go again

It's funny how you wait and wait for a break, and then when you get one, you can't sleep in late because you're so used to waking up at 5 a.m. that you just can't do anything else. And when you do get up, you feel like you've forgotten something, or someone, and it just nags at you until you've had your second cup of coffee and read the morning paper. Bus driving gets in your blood, courses through your veins, and once bitten, you never recover.

And then before you know it, your vacation's over and it's time to get back to the grind. Well, let me tell ya it could be a lot worse -- a WHOLE lot worse. At least we have jobs. At least we have a place to go to in the mornings instead of the unemployment line. At least we're driving something bigger than Bubba's pickup truck, and if he even LOOKS like he's going to pass through our blinking lights and stop sign, we know we could take him out if we had a mind to, but we don't because there are kids on board and we're more professional than that. But we gave it some thought.

Yes indeed. My blood runs yellow. How about yours?


Heather said...

You are very lucky to get such an early spring break. I still have 2 weeks, and I will not have any trouble sleeping in!

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