Get a Haircut; Save the World

I was driving my regular route the other day, windows down and my hair (what's left of it) blowing in the wind, when I had a thought -- if more people got haircuts more often, our economy would probably take a turn for the better, and we'd all look a lot spiffier!

When I got home, I recorded the following podcast:

The Bathrobe Monologues


Anonymous said...

Question: Nothing to do with this post but here goes, you have a bus journey which takes about an hour and a half, passenger needs desperately to go to the toilet - what do you do?? This journey has several pick up points on the way in the middle of nowhere!

Tracy Farr said...

This response to your question has nothing to do with responding to your question, but here goes: You didn't like my Get a Haircut podcast? And I put so much time into it, too!

So, now you want me to be serious? Tell the kid to hold it, and next time remind the kid to pee before he goes. Or, if you're out in the country, find a tree or a bush. Truthfully, I don't think there is a good answer. Maybe bring a pee bucket? ;-)

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