She had a pickle!

I could not believe what I was seeing. Sitting in Seat No. 4, one of my little darling first-grade riders had a pickle in her hand. A big, juicy, dripping pickle juice all over the seat Dill Pickle!

The juice was all over her hands, all over her face, all in the seat, and somehow it got all over the seat in front of her. And then I saw the pickle seeds swimming in pickle juice!

This little darling has lunch at about 10:45 a.m., she doesn't get to the bus until 3:15 p.m. -- and that means she had been carrying around that Dill Pickle (and we're talking it was one of those MONSTER ones!), she had been carrying it around in her backpack for more than FOUR HOURS! To be eaten and dripped all over MY BUS!

I was very professional about the whole thing. Before I opened my mouth to say what was on my mind, I turned off the engine, which, in turn, turns off the video camera.

MORAL: If you can keep your cool while a little kid is dripping pickle juice all over your bus, you can handle anything!


The Bus Driver said...

beware, in our counties, they have the cameras set to go off 15 mins after the bus shuts off. So if we want no evidence, we have to shut the bus off, and wait 15 mins for the camera to stop lol

Tracy Farr said...

Well, to be perfectly honest (I'm writing this with a shy grin), I didn't really turn off the engine. Saying I did sounded better in the story. Is that poetic license? Or just plain telling a lie? I'll let you decide. But she DID having the biggest, stinkiest Dill Pickle you've ever seen, and I DID tell her what's what -- but in a kind, gentle, non-psycho kindof way! Thanks for your comment!

Anonymous said...

old fashion bag inspection before entering the bus ;)
confiscate all the food especially the kind that looks really tasteful. (also save a trip to walmart )

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